Thursday, July 28, 2011

According To Kate: We Da Girls, You Da Boys

So... I forgot to mention that my girls came to St. George with me last weekend for the wedding.
We drove down, shopped, hung out at the condo, took pictures, went to the temple, relaxed by the pool, went for the yummiest pizza ever, went to the reception, played by the pool some more, went to twentyfive main, and stopped in cedar city to drop the girls off.
I was so happy they went.
We all needed an escape.
Especially from our smelly boys. Just kidding. We really did miss them. :)
Before the temple my mom took me and Kara in matching outfits up to the red cliffs and got some pretty cute pictures of us. I love Petey & Lou more than I know how to explain. I thought I should probably share these fun shots...

♥ miss beasley

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