About Me

Hi There. I'm Kate

I could tell you that I love Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain, but that would only indicate that I am indeed a liar. Infact, I don't like either of those things... even a little.

 I could tell you that there are few moments when you will catch me without some shade of lipstick on my lips, but you might assume that I am high maintenace and to be honest that's the last thing I am - I'm just obsessed with the stuff.

 I could tell you that part of me desires to live in a rural mountain town enjoying the simple things in life, but then I'd have to tell you that part of me longs for the big city - doing things that are wayyyy cooler than me (like sitting in coffee shops, and ordering the only thing i know: hot chocolate.) But if I told you both of those things, you would have to know that I'm a gypsy at heart.

I could tell you that I've never died my hair but that would make you think that I like being a ginger.. Oh wait I do. So it's quite alright to think that. 

I could tell you that I have a _________ family. And hopefully you would be able to figure out that I'm NOT editing out a swear word with that blank space, but instead leaving it empty so that when the English language comes up with a word to do those people justice you will understand exactly what I mean, feel for them.

I could tell you that I long to be called "love" or "my dear" by someone I call "love" or "my dear". --- So what, I'm a hopeless romatic! Sue me! 

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