Saturday, July 9, 2011

According To Kate: I'm Just .. Happy

I had a good day.
A really good day.
First off, I got to have a sleepover with my two best ladies last night. That makes for a happy start of a day.
I came home and got to spend the morning with my family.
I. Love. Those. People.
I finally got my FAFSA all taken care of. FAFSA means fall...fall means learning...learning means school... school means Cedar City... Cedar City means my people.. my people mean good times.
(Sure, it will be sad to leave my family again, but that's apart of growing up.)
I already have the jittter-bugs thinking about getting back down to my stomping grounds and hitting school hard, living in my cute new home, and making this next year just as great as my first year down there!
I then had to go to work. Surprisingly this made me unbelievably happy. I love the people I work with and I love the environment, getting to meet tons of people every day and talking with them isn't so bad. :) The folding the T-shirts, well that's debatable. Haha. I will be truly sad to leave that place - it has been such a HUGE blessing!
And now.. I'm waiting to have another sleepover. Aren't you supposed to stop having those after a certain age? My answer, heck no!

This summer has been SO spectacular. I refuse to give into fall this early in the game. There are still things to be done.

But, I do feel its important to document my 'usual' summer day.

4:30 - wake up.
4;45 - arrive at the pool.
5:00 - actual arrival time. woops.
5-10:00 - guard. sleep. guard. sleep. repeat.
10-11:00 - talk to my mom. clean up. (rarely, but still) do last minute mid-day things.
11-12:20 - get ready
12:20- 1:00 - jam. listen to my music way to loud, and arrive safely at work.
1 - 10:00 - GAP
10 - 10: 30 - reflect. there is something really quiet about this time.
10 - 12:00 - movies. friends. family.
12 - 4:30 - sleep.

Rough? Maybe. Me? Happy As A Clam.

♥ Miss Beasley

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