Monday, June 20, 2011

According To Kate: Yes, I Still Have A Pulse

Hey! I'm Kate, you may remember me from previous posts, or you may not. Either way, i'm here and I'm more than ready to get back in the swing of things! Finals are over, my freshmen year of college is over, I'm completely moved home and my summer is practically in full swing! So yes, my life is so far so great. The end of school was filled with so many bitter-sweet moments and it was one of the toughest things to come home. Isn't it funny how life works, I mean, a year ago I was a complete disaster over the thought of leaving home (yet still so excited) and by the end of it, the thought of going back to Woodland left me slightly broken hearted. As I discussed these feelings with my Mom over the phone weeks before the move home she made an awesome point and it was the fact that when bitter-sweet moments turn up in life, that is when you know you are the most blessed. I guess in the "wise" words of our dear friend Miley Cirus, I have the best of both worlds. So, my home world is my complete life right now and there is not a single place in the world I would rather be. My summer agenda? Work. Work. Work. Work Work. and... Work!! Ok, its not really that bad but it isn't like my childhood summers of constant running around and playing - that's for sure. Back in March I started to freak out about a summer job and started hunting. I've had the opportunity to do a lot of different jobs over the past three years of my working life. Life guarding has been an awesome thing to fall back on and I've worked at two different pools, it is not something I want to do the rest of my life but it helps pay the bills while going to school. Another job I have LOVED is nannying! I've been a full time nanny for three different families ( and then numerous random babysitting jobs ) and I've loved that just because I absolutely love working with kids, there is honestly nothing that makes me more happy but it can be a challenge to get connected with a family who needs a full time nanny and so that wasn't the best option for this summer. Fortunately though, I had a chance to babysit at the beginning of the summer for a week and had a great time! As my hunt continued I looked at what I did last summer, the Park City Outlets are such a great option because they always need only summer help and then are willing to take you back while you are home for Christmas Vacation; so I applied for Gap months ago and landed the job! Once again, retail isn't exactly what I want to do the rest of my life...but I am LOVING working there! & I would be lying if I said I didn't love the discount as well. :) So, I'm working around 30 hours there and 25 hours at the local pool a week so yes, work is my life, but if I wasn't working like a mad woman, what else would I be doing? The answer: getting into trouble. When I'm not working I am hanging out with my family and friends, attending church, and just trying to enjoy the amazing summer weather that makes living in Utah worth it. Life here is not good; it's busy, sometimes tiring, yet always awesome! I'm feeling completely blessed to be back in Woodland for the summer and I'm learning a lot; once again, it hasn't been the easiest thing moving home and adjusting back to family life but it is where I need to be, with that said, here is to an amazing summer!

Miss Beasley

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