Wednesday, June 22, 2011

According To Kate: I Will Probably ALWAYS Remain A Ginger

I have this strange, sick obsession.
What is it you might ask?
Trying to get people to believe that I have died my hair.
My strongest tool?
Really, I need to find something better to fill my time with.

How would I be blonde?

Or better yet, Brunette?

Red it is. Red it will stay.

Now, if I can just find me a new hobby. Underwater basket weaving has always been a desire!

Miss Beasley


  1. I love your red hair! I also love your photo-shop you think you can make me look fabulous?!?!? Love you :)

  2. Thanks Aunt Darc!! I think if I was going to do a color I would go dark - your thoughts? And sure I can do something with a little photoshop, do you want some blue hair?! :) Love you too.