Monday, February 14, 2011

According To Kate: Love Is In The Air

Love, Love, Love.
It's all you need.
And it just might be all I got.
Love this year, seems to be everywhere.
It's made in the meals of the kitchen of Apt. #44. It's on the television.
It brightens the campus of Southern Utah University. It's expressed through faces. It's shown through random acts of kindness. It's heard through the voices of the people we couldn't imagine our lives without over the phone.
I swear, it's even in the air.
Love is all around. It has magical powers... it conquers all that is wrong in the world. Love is the greatest ability we have, so kids, use it well. Love like it's going out of style. Love more than you think you are capable of loving.
Love it all.
I'm convinced there is nothing greater we are given than this four letter word.


  1. Kate,
    You are a fabulous writer. I hope you are majoring in journalism. You work wonders with your words!