Monday, February 28, 2011

According To Kate: February Was Fabulous


You really came and went. And trust me, no one is complaining about it, especially me. Not saying this was a bad month, in fact, it was brilliant. It’s just that when you’ve got a month like March to look forward to, time can’t fly, bike, train, run or even dance by any faster than it already is.

Let’s recap list month of love … and other indoor sports.

My family came down; funny, just EXACTLY when I needed them most. My cute Mom, fun Grammy Hoot, and adorable pet sister Lucy made their way South to visit their favorite college girl.I showed them around town – all my favorite spots of course. We spent Saturday shopping in Cedar, which wasn’t long lived for two reasons.
1.We were in Cedar and the number of fantastic shopping areas is slightly limited &
2. As Grammy says, “they roll the sidewalk up at six.”

We then had the YUMMIEST Mexican food dinner; it was fun to be there with all the most important women in my life.

That night Lucille got to experience college first hand. We soaked it up in the Stadium Way Hot Tub and played sing star into the bright and early morning hours. She also got to teach her older sister a thing or two about flirting with boys- this girl is a charmer. She only threw up once … It’s safe to say she is a natural. “Oh Poi Poi!”

On Sunday we woke up, went to breakfast, and headed to St. G for some shopping and lunch. I can never not have a good time with these three. I would have loved for them to stay longer, goodbyes with them always seem to be a lot harder than I expect. Come see me soon again, ladies!

Later that week, Uncle Beezer … also known as Father Time came through town and stopped to take me on a date. It ended up being Me, T Beez, and Allen (one of my Dad’s colleagues) … The three best friends that anyone could ever have. From that night we get the oh-so classy quote, “We’re here for a good time, NOT a long time!” It was so fun to see my Dad and made me realize how much I miss that man. I love you TLB!

As this month continued I discovered something almost as valuable as a precious medal. Working, going to school, doing homework, and attempting to make it to the gym daily makes the days melt. How I get from Monday to Friday each week keeps me amazed, I think it’s like magic or something. I guess hanging out with my main chicas, all the greatest guys I know, making sure I tune into the Bachelor to see which treasure of a lady is getting the boot that week, ZUMBAING my way to happiness, and keeping my facebook friends up to date every fifteen minutes on every insignificant detail of my life has also helped to make February so splendid and so speedy.
So the moral of this story?
Busyness = Gold

Oh, we also planned spring break this month. There was a moment I was jumping up and down .. and over and out.. all through our house. I also took a bite of my down comforter- things got ugly.

s o u t h e r n c a l i f o r n i a

See ya in a month.
three words - you are ours.

I went home this month for the first time since Christmas break. I took the girls, well Mer and Alyssa home with me. It was the quickest trip ever, but we had a really liberating time cheering Z on in a basketball game, shopping and Mer’s job interview, meeting up with our dear friend TIFFANY, experiencing Zupas for the first time – I have one thing to say about that. Heaven - driving all over the state of Utah, and of course, just time well spent with my Beasley people, especially Nick. I miss that kid, he was really grown up, I don’t think I like that very much. But that’s life right?

We got home just in time to be reminded that we indeed, are all very, VERY single.

It being February and all, Valentines Day did come.
I think my Facebook status read something about listening to “love stinks” on repeat and wanting to hang myself. Ok, I didn’t say that last part, but I know I was thinking it. Some things are really just graphic to post for the whole world to see. Anyway, as the date of hate and sour feelings towards love unfolded, things got surprisingly a lot more .. lovely. Mer and Katy made this AMAZING dinner, decorated the Fort, and we even exchanged a few little funny things. Of course after, we religiously sat down for another life changing episode of the bachelor. By the end of the day I felt like I was in love; not with anyone, just life. I even posted a blog about it, read if you want to feel all mushy.

Towards the end of the month I got another visit from family. Is this a record or something, seriously?!…I am the luckiest girl in the world. My cousin Jeff came down and stayed a few nights while refereeing soccer in St. G, he was an absolute delight to have around.

Lis, Hoot, and the two ladies, Bow Bal and Moo came down a few days later and I got to go with them to stay at La Quinta, do some shopping, eat out, go to Gnomeo & Juliet, and of course, laugh. It was really just super nice to be with them. P.S. Not impressed I didn’t get any pictures, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that I think they rock.. and that I love them all the stars in the sky.

The highlight of March was watching one of my best friends, Marla, get baptized and confirmed… or as I like to call it, “The Eternally Clean Bathtub”. There are no words to describe how incredible it has been to watch this journey. Marla, with or without the gospel, is hands down one of the most powerful people I have ever met but I am so glad she finally found what works for her and something that makes her truly joyous. The conversations we as a group of friends have had the past couple months have strengthened everyone; this girl will never know what she has done for my own personal testimony, thank you isn’t never be enough to cover the amount of my personal prayers she has answered. Her faith and love in Christ inspires me constantly, as well as the other girls I surround myself with. These women are women of God. Thank you all for your examples.

On the 23rd Zach turned 16 – Watch out everyone, he’s of dating age and on the road. I’m really not sure which one is going to be worse for humanity.

Other than these main events, the month was filled with simple goodness. February, all in all, you were good to me. I’ll look forward to doing business with you again a year from now. Stay Classy.

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