Thursday, February 3, 2011

According To Kate: I Could Not Ask For More

Today I don't have a lot say.
There will be no pretty pictures, or deep text.
Heck, we will be lucky if there is even a hint of wit.
Instead, I have this simple message of the blessings of family.
The gratitude in my heart for this group of people I have been placed with here on this earth ... is overwhelming to say the least.
There was once a quote hung on my fridge that said something of these sorts,
"Sometimes I cry, no not for sadness, but because happiness fills my heart and my cup runneth over."
Well folks, do we have some paper towels or something? Because there is a mess to clean up since this overflow from my own cup.
I am blessed. My family is everything, and I mean everything to me. I have all that I will ever need if I get to be with these people for not only the rest of my days, but also into Eternity.

I strive for a word stronger than love... I found it. It's family.


  1. I love you!! You have made me even more grateful for my family today!! What an amazing girl you are!!

  2. Thanks for this post Kate! I think it's cute that you say it won't have wit or anything, because it was full of it I'd say! Love you dear! You are a great writer.