Tuesday, March 22, 2011

According To Kate: If Everyone Was Raised By Paula And Troy, We Would Have No Problems

It is so so typical of me to post something about how much I love my parents, but it just must be done. Yesterday I was having a little bit of a rough day and text my Dad in the morning, he is always so great to let me come up with a solution to my problem but then at the same time to help me see the light... as the day rolled on I gave my Mom and call and updated her about my trip to California (blog post to come about that trip!!) and talk to her about what I should do with my life. After I got off the phone with her, which lasted an hour, and texting my dad, I couldn't have been more grateful for the parents that I have. They have this ability to slow me down and make me see the bigger picture, which is sometimes hard to look at when your standing in front of something that is blocking your view. They offer me great advice and tell me exactly what I need to hear. I know that they always have my back and that they are my number one fans. They have given so much to me and continue to help me in every way. As I was overwhelmed yesterday with the love that I have for my Ma and Pa I thought about the Primary song "I am a child of God", particularly the part where it says, "has given me an earthly home with parents kind and dear." After yesterday, I decided that those lyrics are wrong .... it should also include something like, "your parents are also the most brilliant people in life, look to them in everything you do." I know that my Father in Heaven sent me to this family because he knew that we would all be a good team together and we would help each other work to be better individuals which would make us the strongest possible family unit. Because of the way my Mom and Dad have raised me, I feel I have a stronger knowledge of how much my Heavenly parents love me. I am so blessed to say that I do, very much indeed, have a family here on Earth, who is SO good to me. I am more than excited to share the rest of my life with them and then conquer Eternity with them standing by my side. I have the greatest example to look up too. My parents not only show me how to be a spectacular parent and friend, but also a great spouse. The love that my parents have for each other shines and the love that they have for me and my three siblings does too. It is so good to know that Heaven and the Plan of Salvation revolve around this simple, wonderful idea of having a great family. Writing a million thank-you's would never be enough; I have decided that the only way I can show my Mom and Dad how grateful I truly am for them is by continuing their legacy, being a great spouse and parent.... but don't worry Dad, that won't be for at least twenty years. :)

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