Saturday, January 1, 2011

According To Kate: My Little Sister Rocks.

Kara Elyse Beasley

Birthday: October 1
Nicknames: Lucy,Lucy Lou, Lucindy Lucille, Kar, Kara Boo, Kooka, Yucky Naughty, T-swift.
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Thing To Do: Sports (& drive me crazy)
Favorite Food: Yellow Frosted Sugar Cookies

For those of you who don't know her, she is my little sister. My mini me. I love this little lady with every fiber in me and I think we have a pretty great bond. Kara is almost exactly eight years younger than me. Our story is a funny one. My parents were done having kids. They thought that Me, Zach, and Nick were all they needed. They were wrong. I knew they were wrong, but instead of going to them and telling that I turned to the big man upstairs. I remember praying every night for a sister. I mean come on, for those of you who know Zach and Nick its very obvious that I needed someone to have my back when dealing with those two creeps! Anyway, I prayed and prayed... My mom was on a trip and told my Dad she wasn't feeling great. There was no way she was pregnant, or so she thought. A couple weeks later they told us at Red Lobster. When they shared the good news I yelled, "I KNEW IT! IT'S A GIRL! I'VE BEEN PRAYING FOR A SISTER!" After that comment, my parents told me that I had to run all my prayers past them first before I actually prayed. They also told me that the only things I could pray for were for Mom to be skinny and Dad to be rich, they were kidding. Anyway, back to Lucy, life would not be the same without her. She adds so much spunk to my life. When she was a baby my mom used to ask me to check on her- she realized something was wrong when EVERY time I went upstairs to see if she was doing ok, I would come back down with her. I would wake her up as a newborn so I could play with her. I also sometimes think about her as a little 1-2 year old and I'm amazed she made it past that age. Because of her small size I would use her as my swing dance partner and throw her around the family room...and me and the boys would put her in the middle of a blanket, pick up all the sides, and throw her into the air off our homemade parachute. After things like that it is no wonder that she rebelled as a toddler. Ohhh.. Was this little princess NAUGHTY! First of all, when kids are naughty they usually get away with it because they are so dang cute, well luckily Kara has one of the most beautiful faces in the world because part of her naughty-ness was cutting her own hair. I don't know what she loved about it, but you could always count on her to have a mullet. When I would clean under my bed and find little locks of red hair and scissors, I guess she decided her career as a hairstylist at a young age.
It has been so fun to watch her go from a little girl to a young lady. She is so much fun. She has such a love for life and everything in it. Kara is hilarious, probably one of the funniest people I have ever met. She also has a kind heart, and treats everyone with so much love. I always tell my Mom she needs to have one more baby because Kara would make the greatest big sister ever. All I know is that I am so blessed to be a big sister to her. She does so much for me, weather it's being there for me when I'm sad...being my co-pilot on a trip to Park City...or tickling my back, I know this show freak will be there for me, no matter what. I love you Lou!

My favorite things about Kara.
1. Her Hair - even though she won't let me do it
2. Her machine gun laugh - it is possibly the funniest thing ever
3. Her freckles - I think someone painted them on
4. Her questions - Half the time they drive me up the wall, but I do love them
5. Her letters to me - "Stay the same. And don't kiss any boys. Or else."
6. Her Flirtyness - She got all the genes on this one, she needs to teach me a thing or 2

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