Wednesday, January 5, 2011

According To Kate: God Lives

On my list of 100 things I love (which, have you made yours? By the way, I am over 100 BOO YA! Which is totally allowed – in my world the more the merrier is a thing to live by, well unless you are talking about cookies) ANYWAY – Number 45 is “moments where you know with every fiber of your being that God lives.” I think these moments happen more than we think, just in hidden ways. There are the obvious moments when you sit in a religious meeting and just know or when a miracle happens, but then there are moments like yesterday.

I was on my way home from my month long vacation being home. Which, have I mentioned was lovely? Because it was. I had spent the afternoon in Orem tying all my loose ends up in order to get back to Cedar City and I was completely high strung. Getting my oil changed was like getting teeth pulled. Finally, I got out of dodge and was on the open road. We had been driving for a while and it was getting later in the day, I looked out my window and had one of those moments.. you know, the moments where you know with every ounce of you that God lives. I even said out loud, “I NEVER want to forget this.” It wasn’t like an angel appeared or even like I had gained a few inches of religious belief; I just had hope, and for some reason, this absolute zest for life. Outside looked so pretty. The sun was going down, and there pink tones across the blue mountains covered in snow. I started to think about what was to come in life.. and what has already happened.. and what was going on right at that exact moment.. and everything, even if it was for just that little glimpse was right, one hundred and ten percent right. I could go on about these things for days, the things that I thought about, but that isn't what is important. What was important was that I didn’t care about the fact that I am getting ready to face another semester and I am a little nervous, or that I had just found out the damage cost of me backing into a dumpster with my car was a LOT more than I expected. Instead, I had this clear understanding that everything is good. I think that our Father In Heaven blesses us with these small moments where we have insight to the greater picture. I don’t even think that, I know it. I know it because I am not intelligent enough to come up with it on my own. For me, having just little moments of hope and love in all aspects is Godly and makes life a little more Celestial. It is a new goal to have a clear enough mind to experience this more often.

I snapped this picture because I needed to remember how the Earth looked. It does no justice whatsoever for a couple reasons.
A-It is with my camera on my phone and..
B-I am not a photography major, obviously.

But still… It was a fragment of time that needs to be kept.

Find these moments in your life and acknowledge where they come from.
There are few feelings out there that are greater.

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