Friday, December 31, 2010

According To Kate: 2010 Was An Absolute Delight

So much learned, so many amazing memories, and all together the greatest start to the rest of my life.

2010, you will be missed.

This year has been full of so much. Good, bad, fun, hard times.. you name it, and it seemed to make it's appearance sometime or another. I wouldn't trade this last year though, for anything. It is time to reflect on what has gone on. I turned eighteen. I am now an adult and making big girl decisions. I would not want it any other way. I finished up my career as a high schooler, that experience was full of trials and learning the wonderful virtue of patience. It felt like it would never come, but it did and now I am done with that chapter in my life. Following graduation, my Papa Rich passed away. His passing was so emotional and tough, but it also made my testimony grow and my love for the Plan of Salvation double. It is still weird he is gone, but I can feel his love and support constantly, truly one of the greatest tender mercies our Father in Heaven gives us here on this earth. As the summer continued I understood what it is to work really hard, and reap the benefits of that. I spent most of my days at the SSAFC or Factory Brand Shoes, sometimes both of them in the same day. I loved working hard and making money, but it also made me realize how important it is to get a College education. As the summer ended me and my family took a trip to California and Nevada. Good gracious, did we have fun! We spent a night in the J.W. Mariott in Vegas and spent some quality time causing problems in the kickin' pool they had; we also ate some really good food at various locations in the city of lights. Next our journey continued to San Diego. All I can say is that once again, I fell in complete love with SoCal. It was an awesome laid back trip of the beach. Sounds perfect right? Well.. It was. I made a promise to myself there that I would one day, somehow end up back there. I fully believe that to be true and will do all I can to see it through. After a trip of a lifetime, we headed home. Well, sort of. My family headed home and I was dropped off in Cedar City to start my new life as a college student at Southern Utah University. I was silent the whole entire drive home. My mind raced, half good and half bad. Little did I know that this next few months would be the best of my life. College has been amazing. I have created a little family with my roommates. We have an unbelievable bond that will follow us into Heaven, these ladies are family to me. We have been through rough times together and learned a lot of lessons, the biggest one is that with the support of good people you can get through anything. I am so proud of my girls for overcoming some pretty big trials in life, they are truly an inspiration. As for school, I never thought I would LOVE learning. Maybe because High School isn't learning, and thats all I had to base it on. College though is so great, and I did better my first semester than I expected to. I hope to keep that fire alive. SUU is such a great place, I love it with all my heart, same goes for Cedar City; it has been the perfect town and school to start my journey off. Besides my girls, I have met a handful of people that I couldn't love anymore. It is strange to think about my life before they came into it... I once again truly believe that the Lord sends you people in your life right at the perfect time, and this is no exception. I am blessed to have you all in my life. This semester has been full of laughter, inside jokes, crying, trips to St. George, trips home, drives, Roommate CD's, and love. The best way I can think of ending the year 2010 would have to be by spending the month of December with my family. I love these people, so much. It was an amazing Christmas and I am excited for what is ahead. There were no regrets this year, only lessons learned. I am ready now to see what 2011 brings. It's time to make this the greatest year of my life!

(Here is some pictures from the amazing year I've had! You can click it to see bigger)

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  1. Kate you are a great writer! Love you blog post. Also LOVE that i made the photo haha. Don't know if i deserve it cuz i have been basically a jerk as of late, but still loved it. :) like you said BRING ON 2011! Love your guts