Tuesday, June 1, 2010

According To Kate: It's Time To Move On

Well, It's official...I'm a High School Graduate!
I'm not going to lie, there are about a million different emotions I've experienced in the past few weeks, but generally all the feelings have been good ones. It is strange, leaving something you've known for thirteen years, and going onto something totally unknown but I know this is all natural, and supposed to happen. South Summit has been a great place to grow and build relationships. Like I have said before, I wouldn't trade the life I have had here for anything in this world. Living in this small, tight-knit community has made me who I am today. But now I am onto a different chapter in my life filled with new obstacles, new experiences, and new people. I know I have a lot too learn and lot too look forward too ... so here we go, time to start the next part of my life; no regrets!!

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