Thursday, May 13, 2010

According To Kate: It's Best To Love Yourself

In the eighteen years I have been alive I have come to realize one thing. In general girls are mean. I think it is one of those facts that we can't deny. Who knows why we do it, but we do, Unfortunately we aren't at our meanest point when dealing with other girls, when we have had our feelings hurt of even when we have had our hearts broken. We are meanest when we are looking at ourselves. I fall right under this category of girl that I just so happen to hate. I find it so easy to criticize everything about myself. I could name a million and ten things I wish I could change about myself...the problems vary from the color of my hair to the way I sometimes speak my mind. Instead of wishing to "change" myself I have come to realize a different, and in my opinion, much more positive way to approach this topic; instead of changing who I am, I'm taking it at the approach of "What improvements can I make so I can be the person I want to be." So what is the improvement I need to work on? Patience. Patience... Patience... Patience.. Please tell me why we aren't better friends?! It would be so much easier if I had this wonderful attribute, but then again I think we could all say that for about 1,000,000 different characteristics we wish we could possess. I think if I was more patient I would be a lot less stressed out. One day I will master this art. As for today, my little sister will still probably do something to test me, but maybe tomorrow I will be able to let a little bit at a time go. This is all a learning process...

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