Tuesday, March 9, 2010

According To Kate: Ideas Are Great

So I'm a girl with a plan. My problem with having a plan is it changes ... constantly. First I'm going to hair school, next thing I know I'm now putting my house payment down for an apartment in Cedar City! (Oh, and trust me, there were about a million other plans in between those two.) I don't think this is a good or bad thing, I think it's just who I am. Lucky for me, I've always had a pretty level head so my plans were never to dye my hair lime green and join a traveling circus. The funny thing is I still want to accomplish a lot of the plans I have set for myself; I'm realizing though, that it's all about order of operations. So, as I'm coming to the end of my senior year I've decided instead of calling them "plans", I'm going to start calling them "ideas". Then, when my ideas come true i'll have plans, set plans. Oh what a lovely thing!
Ok, so back to me being the wishy-washy girl that I am let me explain one thing I'm set on, and that is NOT knowing what I want to be. Like I said at the beginning I think it would be way kickin to own and run my own salon but I know there are other options as well, (and plus, I can do more than one thing! Oprah calls it "multi-tasking") so that brings me to the question that haunted me when I filled out my applications for college, What is your intended major...gulp... So, I started to think about what I like.

1. Politics...oh politics, how I love you.
In my Governments classes I felt like I was on fire! I loved it! To me there is nothing better than sitting down and explaining why you think politically the way you do. I love this country, and I love having my own ideas. But then I came across a problem... and even though I felt passionate about it, it left me empty and overwhelmed. I started to think that, jeez, if I can't even leave a casual conversation about politics without feeling worn out then how could I do that as a career? I then realized that somethings are better left as an interest. I hope to take some awesome political science classes and educate myself as much as possible. :)

moving right along...

2. Journalism
Lets keep it simple : I love to write. If someone gives me a topic, and a little bit of time, my creative mind comes out to play. Writing is like therapy for me. I can totally picture me writing for a magazine and loving every minute of it. Whenever I have to write an essay or research paper I actually get excited, I know... It's strange. I think the awesome thing about having Journalism as a focus is that it can open up so many doors, and really, the ability to write can help you in just about any career. So yes, this one is a strong possibility.

So, as we move on to number three, this is the one that is the newest idea. And my personal favorite.

3. Graphic Design.
Mmmmmm... I just love the sound of this, " Hi, I'm Kate, I am a graphic designer. And yes, I design simply, wonderful things." See - doesn't that just sound good? I think I would truly love this. I would be able to design everything from A to Z, and the greatest part about this is it's all done with the computer. You see... If I have a computer I can do magic. If it's me drawing ...well all I'm gonna say is, Houston, we have a problem. I can just picture me making things like travel pamphlets, fancy logos for high end companies, baby announcements, billboards, you name it.. I'll hook you up! So this was newly discovered, but I really think this is what I want to pursue. :)

So there you have it ... my newest idea!

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