Tuesday, May 11, 2010

According To Kate: Bout' Time We Catch Up

I am fully disappointed in myself. I set this blog up in hopes that I would be better at keeping a somewhat journal, well my friends... That failed miserably!! On Sunday we had a lesson in Young Womens about the importance of keeping a journal. My stomach got a knot it in when I realized how lazy I have gotten. No time like the present to correct your bad habits.

So here is what is going on...

-12 school days until graduation, seriously ... Where did this year go?
Lets just take a moment to sum up my senior year. CLASSIC!! is probably the only word that comes to mind. It has had its up and downs, but mostly ups. I felt like it was needed, even though I was dreading it. It has been a great time to kind of wind up all that I am going to leave behind. South Summit High School, you are true gem!

Taps as I like to call it... has been my favorite thing I've done. I have learned so much in the past three years of being apart of this choir, and I am going to miss it very much. This year has been a good building year and I think all in all, we've done pretty well. SUU better have something I can join so I don't go crazy, I just can't live without singing.

-Summer Job Hunt
Well SSAFC, here I come for my third summer. Oh the joys of being a Lifeguard!! Unfortunately, the biggest bucks aren't made here so I am looking for something as a side. Nannying would be ideal, but I'm not sure in this rockin' economy we've got that it's going to be an option. I'm thinking retail ... Who doesn't love a discount? I know this poor college student is going to adore getting killer deals on clothing right before heading out to make my mark on this world!

-The Anxiety Of Growing Up
Holy cow...No... Holy big cow more like it! It's all suddenly hitting me. I'm going to be on my own. I'm going to be fully my own person. I'm going to miss my family like CRAZY! I'm going to be cooking for myself. I'm going to have little melt downs. I'm going to have awesome-hard classes. I'm going to have killer friends. I'm going to feel overwhelmed. but above it all... I'm going to do this with flying colors...I have total faith it myself that I can do this. So here we go, lets show this world what we've got!!

Well there we go, I'm somewhat caught up. Lets keep this more regular now, shall we?

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