Thursday, August 18, 2011

According To Kate: You've Gotta Tie Up Your Loose Ends

Just some fun shots of the summer taken on my Mom's camera....
and then some picture from Miss Mer's camera of things that have happened lately...

Elder Stevens came home! He has been serving the Lord in Canada for the past two years, it is so awesome to see our friends come home! I'm ready for all the boys to be back now.

We celebrated Tiff's birthday! On Monday night we had our last sleepover - we kidnapped Tiff and took her to Seven-11 for a slurpie. Welcome to your last year as a teenager Biff!

The Green & White Game! Lately I've been feeling like a little bit of a super-senior but only because my mother is the cheerleading coach and so I've been supporting her and watching her awesome girls, they look so amazing!

Saying our goodbyes! This time of year always brings for "see ya laters" - We love and miss Kena!

♥ Miss Beasley

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