Tuesday, August 2, 2011

According To Kate: Summer Lovin' Had Me A Blast

Ok, so love didn't find a way of creeping into my life this summer, but I did fall in LOVE with these things-

  • The Beasley/Boyd Bachelorette & Burrito Bashes – JP is such a stud. This is not a new addition to my love this, I just especially loved this season.
  • Last Friday Night- Miss Katy Perry always does me RIGHT!
  • Alarm Clocks – Without these I would sleep the day away. Yay for being productive.
  • My Family – Even though our time together hasn’t been long, especially with the overload on work, it has still been good to be with them. I’m sorry I’m moody and cranky at times, I really do appreciate you guys.
  • McDonalds Fruit N’ Yogurt Parfait – two words, Yum & Cheap!
  • Navy & Turquoise – I’ve got the blues. Bad.
  • Rain – Just read my post below. I’m passionate.
  • Gap – The people, the job, the people, the discount, oh, and the people.
  • The University of Utah’s Occupational Therapy Website – Finally, I’ve arrived at a decision. Look out World, here I come.
  • Living Vicariously - @Tiffany Galovich
  • Something Borrowed – Favorite chick flick of the summer! SUCH a buyer! Ginnifer Goodwin = Wonderful
  • The Woodland Ward – I’ve missed every last one of the members that gather there. It has been such a pleasure to be back.
  • Embracing Naturally Curly Hair – Toss hair gently upside down and simply add low amounts of blow drying. Scrunch, flip up, spray…instant jungle hair!

♥ Miss Beasley

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