Wednesday, August 31, 2011

According To Kate: Read The Secret Life Of Bees

Holy cat's, it's been far to long since I've started ... and finished a book.
Now started, and not finished, well that's a different story.
Pathetic, I know.
This book was amazing.
Sue Monk Kidd has to be one of the most amazing writers ever.
I absolutely love her style of writing. So much wit. And well, wit happens to be one of my most favoritest things.
This story was about finding peace and an inner sense of self, as well as a strong message of the power of women.
I highly, highly recommend it.
I couldn't have loved it more.

♥ Miss Beasley

Oh, and P.S, I am back to school at SUU & home in Cedar City. Blog posts to come!

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