Wednesday, July 6, 2011

According To Kate: Hearts Beat True Under Red White & Blue

What to say about a place that has sculpted who I am, that has offered me an abundance of blessings and opportunities, that has allowed me to be exactly who I want to be? You’re right, “Happy Birthday, ya know, you really know how to throw a wicked party.” just doesn’t seem to cut it. I love America, I always have, and I know that my love will only grow. The gratitude I have is almost hard to express and not just because I get completely choked up when I sing, talk, or even think about the USA, but because I know I can’t even begin to comprehend everything that living here has brought me. Sure, this place isn’t always as picture perfect as some would hope, but I’d say it’s pretty dang close- plus, this country has a way of rising above when it falls short and always seems to come out on top. I am so proud to be an American and I truly, truly love my Country. Even though that is simple as it gets, it seems to be more than enough.

Well, now that I am done crying – literally, let me recap how I spent my most favorite day of the year.

Guess who didn’t have to work!!! Look no further, cause you’re lookin’ right at her. Scratch that, I did have to work… but not until the late afternoon and so I got to do all the festivities in the morning. The day usually starts out with a nice pancake breakfast down at the church but because my Dad was doing some of the cooking for it I was only down there for small increments of time, delivering hash browns to the good people of Woodland. My party really began at the parade – I always love this event and hate missing out when I have to work. My Mom’s cheerleaders looked super awesome and their poster was spectacular- is there something that lady doesn’t do? Anyway, hands down my favorite float! But the parade isn’t the only reason I love being over in Oakley during the fourth… I also just love being apart of this community, it’s always so excellent to see so many lovely faces of people who make my world go ‘round! After the parade we went to the patriotic program- that right there has my name all over it! This is one of my favorite things in the world and it never disappoints! SO good! After that, it was pretty laid back the rest of the day. By one we were all pooped and went home and just hung out as a family, I worked during the day but got home in time for a BBQ and more family time- after all that’s what this time of year is about right?

I hope you all had a great Independence Day!

♥ Miss Beasley

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