Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Perfect Day

I love to see the temple, I went inside today.
Ok, it wasn't today. But it was this past month.

On January 11, 2013 I entered into the "club" and let me just say, it was even better than I could have ever imagined. 
A lot of times you will hear people talk about how strange the temple is, and I couldn't disagree more. Sure, it wasn't your everyday deal but that was what makes it so special.
I have loved being on the temple grounds since a young age but there is truly no substitution for being inside and to think of words to describe just how beautiful and peaceful it is, well, I fail. 

So.. let me just share a little bit about this pretty spectacular day.

I have always known that I was going to serve a mission and with that I always knew that I would go through the temple for the first time without a wedding following. And for me, that was EXACTLY how I wanted it. When the mission aged changed I realized that going through the temple would be a little more near in my future than I though and that made me excited and a little nervous. Excited because going through the temple was one of the things that since a young age I've been preparing to do ... nervous because one time (in high school) I asked someone what I should do to prepare for a mission and he told me that it wasn't about preparing for the mission as much as it was preparing to receive my endowment.  So even though these things kinda contradict one another, the bottom line was that this was a big deal... and anytime something is a big deal there are a lot of emotions involved. For my final prep I took temple prep, how appropriate, right? And read selected chapters from a book. The more I prepared the more I realized that I was ready, well as ready as you can be. And all I could do was think about how exquisite the St. George Temple would be inside in only a few short weeks!

Fast forward a few weeks and I found myself moved home, permanently. This was not really what I thought I had planned but it was what needed to happen. Being home was great but I forgot just how busy my family is.. especially right in the middle of basketball season. And as I got my permanent work schedule I realized that that making a trip to sunny STG was going to be rushed and next to impossible. During this time I knew one thing, and that was that I needed to get to the temple as soon as possible. My mom brought it up one day and asked when I wanted to go through and just how we were planning on doing the whole thing. And randomly I just blurted out, why don't I just go through the Brigham City Temple?

So.. I made my appointment for that Friday. 
And naturally, Utah would receive the biggest snow storm of the season on that day. 
We woke up that morning and just decided that we would try our best to make it there. So me my mom and Dad loaded up and started our journey. Saying the roads were awful would be an understatement but we did our best. One of the neatest parts about getting there was the fact that even though we were pressed for time and under stress due to the weather, me and my parents both couldn't have been more calm. 
About an hour before we got thereI started to question why the heck I had decided to go though this temple, after all.. I had never seen it.. and I had no tie to it whatsoever.
Just about the time I was thinking of calling the whole thing off I received a text from my best friend and sister that just said "hope you have a good day, love you!" - Now, I hadn't told anyone what was happening and I decided to tell her. She text me back with pure excitement and joy, almost like I could hear her jumping up and down just from the words (and of course the exclamation points). At the end of the text she told me that this temple was the peach temple.

Wait, what?
My prayers had been answered, and it was so simple.
You see... I love theme parties;
A peach themed Temple.. 
For a Sister headed to the peach state.
. . . 
Now I know that it's probably dumb to make this such a BIG deal, but it was a big deal, to me. 

We somehow made it there only fifteen minutes late and when I called to tell the temple that, they said they would wait for me! Could this day get any better? The answer: Why yes, it sure can.
We got there and well, it was strange because this place that I had never seen before suddenly had the biggest part of my heart. I was emotional before we even got in.

You don't talk about what goes inside, not because it's secret, but because it is sacred. 
Sacred -- well that is a pretty perfect word to describe it.

I loved being there, everything about it ... but it wouldn't have been that amazing had my wonderful and beautiful parents not been right there with me. 
Sheesh, I love those people.. and it just really made sense to have my family with me in the only place where families are appropriately organized.

All together, I couldn't have asked for a more special day. 

& whats a trip to Brigham City without a stop at Maddox? 
After all ... if you are spiritually fed you must be physically fed as well.


  1. I love you Kate. And I couldn't love this post any more. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story. It helps me feel those very similar feelings I had after my very first visit. It is true that there are just not words adequate enough to decribe that special experience. :)

  2. Looks like you had a fantastic day! The temple looks beautiful! Lovely post!

    Lorraine xx