Friday, January 20, 2012

A Poem For The BWH


There is a brilliant place
That’s not too far from here.
It’s where I go to escape the world
I find some comfort there.

Black and white damask galore;
You’ll see that I adore.
Not always clean that’s easy to see too,
Speaking of that… hey, do I still have a floor?

Pictures of people I love the most
Squeezed into 3x5’s
Trinkets, treasures, trophy’s and tacks
All shades of this girls simple life.

But it’s not the things that fill this room,
That make it a place to seek
It’s the characters that come to play
C’mon let’s take a peek.

Deep conversations and laughter;
It is clear that this room is no place for sleep or peace
No worries, though no worries;
Because my gratitude increase.

Bizarre things said, that others might not get
“You my friend, you treat me right.”
But it’s in these words and sayings too
That I realize I have sight.

Without these people around me,
To fill my already crammed space
I am emptier than ever
And have no urge to continue the race.

So take away this furniture
All pieces refurbished by me
Take away these fancy pillows
Or consider leaving three.

A stronger word than friendship,
For these bonds that I have felt;
Grateful, blessed, or thankful?
Those don’t even cover what I’ve been dealt.

What makes a house a home?
Is a question to address
I’ll tell you one thing that I know,
It’s not in my metal dress.

I could describe a small box sitting
Empty on the road
Or a room with lavish things,
The price yet to be told.

But it’s not the things contained
In a circle, cube or square
It’s the spirits, bonds and connections
That should ‘bring us safely there’.

There’s a brilliant group of sisters;
They live not far from here
We call each other family
Though no DNA we share.

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  1. wooo Hooooooo! You have found what you are majoring in. brilliance. You've arrived.