Monday, June 27, 2011

According To Kate: Derby Til Ya Puke

Yes, that's right. Derby til ya puke.
I am sad to say that I am not the one that came up with these poetic words, but I can tell you the story about where they came from, which is almost as good as getting credit for saying it.
One of the greatest parts about living in the Kamas Valley is the fact that it is indeed a small town - fully equipped with all of the funny things that make a small town, well..ya know, a small town.
The biggest added bonus? Kamas Fiesta Days.
Yes, a Fiesta in Kamas. (Need I remind you that there is a Spanish population, but probably not big enough to pull out the sombraros.)
Even though I have never hit a pinata at Fiesta Days, I have still participated in things like ...

Don't know what a Derby is? Let me explain...

Technical Definiton:
Derby: [dur-bee; Brit. dahr-bee]
a race or contest, usually one open to allwho wish to enter and offering a prize for the winner.

Actual Definition?
A redneck event where people build really ghetto cars and ram them into other cars for money and of course, the sheer entertainment for all those who feast their eyes upon it

The first year we went as a family we were shocked. Maybe amazed is a better word. Heck, lets just use both words. We were shocked by the fact that things like this really do take place and amazed that we hadn't shown up quicker! When I said entertainment, I meant it.

Anyway, we saw a sight. This sight is where the "Derby Til Ya Puke" comes in.
He was a small cowboy, wranglers, which are commonly known as stranglers, hugging every inch of him in all the wrong places, a belt buckle the size of his head, cowboys boots, the mullet of all mullets, and then of course: a ten-sizes-too-small white T - with the words printed across the front- "Derby Til Ya Puke".
I wish I could say it was Halloween, but it was the 24th of July. This guy was for real.

The bottom line of this story is that if you are going to Derby, you better do it.
Do it until you puke.


So now that you know the history, let us continue on.
We met an AMAZING family on a March trip to Hawaii, the Baker/Harris clan.
We flew over on the same plane... But then something strange started happening, we ran into each other on sever different occasions - by the end of the trip we were the best of friends.
I feel like I have known them my entire life.
Two Words- LOVE 'Em!

So how do they tie into my derby-ing... and puking?
They invited us down for the South Jordan Derby, and we couldn't have had a better time.
This was my first time attending a derby outside of Kamas and I must say that there must be some law or something that states that each and every derby must be as classy as all the others.
This one didn't disappoint. Especially because I got to see our "lifelong family friends."

I spent the night taking pictures of everything that happened. Seriously, everything.
The man sitting next to me was not impressed, but what do I care?
Thanks for an awesome night Baker/Harris fam- I'm already excited for the next reunion.

♥ Miss Beasley

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  1. Priceless! Love it! Wish I was there.....looks like you had fun :)